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Frequently Asked Questions

What should we bring on our tour?

We suggest, at a miminum, you bring sunscreen, sunglasses, other sun protection, your phone/camera, swimsuit, towel (if you are snorkeling or rock jumping), and a great attitude!  Other suggestions, depending on the length of your tour, might include food/snacks, additional drinks above what we provide (cocktails from a beach or marina bar, e.g.), underwater camera/phone case, and any Bluetooth music device if you want the captain to use your playlist.

What if I get seasick?

We suggest you take Dramamine or another anti-nausea remedy PRIOR to boarding (at least an hour before).

How do I contact Kelly Boat directly?

The best way to reach us when you need us is via WhatsApp or email.  Or you can visit our office in the Marina (see map link).

My hotel is on the Pacific Side…how do I get to my tour?

Take a taxi from your accommodation and have the driver drop you off near the Dolphin Center at the Marina Entrance (near the surfboard circle sculpture).  Walk into the Marina and turn right.  Our office is on the right hand side, halfway down the promenade.  (see map)

We are staying on Medano Beach. Can the Kelly Boat pick us up on Medano Beach instead of the Marina?

Yes, we are happy to come get you from Medano Beach.  Please let us know what hotel you are staying at, or where you will be on the beach at the time of pickup (Mango Deck, Cachet Beach Club, e.g.).  Boarding the boat from the beach will require getting your feet wet and the use of a small stepladder attached to the boat. The captain can assist in boarding if necessary.  If this won’t work for you for physical reasons, please don’t book a beach pick-up.

We booked a whale-watching trip.  How far out does the boat have to go to see the whales?

We go wherever the whales are.  Fortunately, the whales love to pass by close to the coast most of the time.  You will always be in sight of the shoreline on our whale watching excursions.

Are lifejackets required?

Yes, lifejackets are required on all Panga style tour boats in Cabo San Lucas.  We provide them for you.  If you have a child under 2, you need to bring one for your bambino.

Are there any hidden fees?

All the costs are explained here on the website.  Snorkel gear is available on the boat for $15/set at the time you want to jump in (you are welcome to bring your own gear at no charge).  There is a $1/person dock usage fee applied by the Marina which is payable in CASH at the time of your departure.  Tips for the captain are NOT included, so please show your appreciation to the skipper if you had a great time!

I speak ZERO Spanish…will I be able to communicate with the captain?

Sí…Yes…our captains speak and understand English and can give tours in both English and Spanish (si prefieres).

Are the prices here in US dollars or Mexican Pesos?

All the prices on the website are in US dollars

Do I need to book transportation from my Cruise Ship to my Kelly Boat Tour?

No.  The cruise ship tender will drop you off in the marina where it’s a short walk to our office and boarding dock.  (See Map link)

We will be traveling with a disabled person.  Can we still take the tour?

We want everyone to enjoy our tours, so please contact us directly before your tour so that we may do our best to accommodate everyone in your party.

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